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We had Mauricio install a Velux and 2 Solar Tubes at our house which has a metal roof. Not only has Mauricio the expertise of metal roofs, but is very professional and extremely pleasant to work with. The work on the Velux was quite important as it had structural rework. The job was done on time / on schedule, and Mauricio ensured a follow-through at the inspection.  We highly recommend Mauricio the professionalism and quality of his work.

- Herve B., Campbell, CA

We just had our roof done by Bautista Builders.  We were referred by our agent. The service was excellent and professional.  The job was finished on time as promised even with the extra work we have asked. Our new roof looks great.  We couldn't be happier.  We strongly recommend them for your roofing job.

Ming W., Santa Clara, CA

Right from the first time I met Mr. Bautista, I liked him for his courteous manner. Overtime, I have interacted with him on several projects -  the biggest being a re-roofing project.  My review in a nutshell: AWESOME!
Mauricio understands my needs and ideas and is able to translate this into workable project plans and complete them in a timely manner. He does pay attention to detail: for eg. when the roofing was done, he made sure couple of rat-access points (near trees) were properly closed. Then when he came back for another project he went into the attic to check if there are rat droppings! Such in-depth execution is a common feature in ALL the projects he has done for us.
I would rehire him for any other project!
- Roger, Sunnyvale

I can't say enough good things about Mauricio Bautista, and his team of roofers, which actually consisted of some three guys. That said, Mauricio,  and his team functioned like the all stars of roofing. They were, in my estimation, masters of their craft. They arrived promptly on time every morning they were on the job. As the conversion from my old weather beaten wood shake roof of some thirty five years began to take shape with the very sharp in appearance simulated wood shake but in reality steel roof, I marveled at how realistic it really did look. It took a lot of reassurance from Mauricio to convince me to not go with replacing the old roof with the now much lesser quality wood shake available on the market. It would have been considerably more expensive, not nearly as long lasting, and the quality severely marginalized by all of the manufacturing restrictions placed on the product itself. Given fire hazard issues and the need to comply with all kinds of state and local laws the wood shake available essentially would have borne no comparison to the look Bautista Builders created with their unique professional and skilled workmanship.

In researching reroofing my home with a steel roof, and in doing my due dilligence before settling on a contractor of choice. I looked at and compared the different products available, listened to the different pitches made by potential contractors, checked out jobs they had completed in the area and spoke with homeowners where available. My time horizon on this planet is in the final twenty five percent, and I wanted to make sure I would never have to do this again. I settled on Mauricio, because, most importantly, after talking with him at length I felt confident he could be trusted to follow through on what he said he would deliver. This was confirmed for me in speaking also with some of his prior satisfied customers and seeing the work he did for them. it didn't hurt that his bid was very competitive. I am so pleased with the job he did, and true to his word, it does indeed look like I have a brand new jumbo wood shake roof up there. Those December storms that wreaked havoc in some locations were a walk in the park for my new roof. I know because I was up in my attic checking things out and making sure it it held up as promised. It did with flying colors. Mauricio Bautista, is by far my roofer of choice.
Knowing what I do now, and seeing the finished product in place, I would hire Bautista Builders back in a heartbeat.

- Bob S., Cupertino

If you want a truly quality roof replacement, you must talk to Mauricio Bautista, owner of Bautista Builders.  I first met Mr. Bautista in 2013 when he was putting a new roof on a neighborhood house and I noticed the skill and pride he put into his work.  In Aug. 2014, needing to replace my roof, I called Bautista Builders and 3 other top roofing companies for comparison.  Of all 4, I found Mr. Bautista to be completely open and thorough about the pros and cons of my roof.  He gave me ALL the details up front, a cost for the whole job, a time line and a start date.  Every aspect of his commitment was spot on.  He also handled all city permits.

He took special care to protect my new paver driveway so heavy trucks, demolition debris and roof construction would not crack or scratch it. He has excellent rapport with his suppliers. Every delivery was within 1 hour of the time specified and on the day required.  He has a highly skilled roofing crew who work very hard and safely.  He joined them as much as he could.  When he had to be elsewhere, he always told me and how long he would be gone.  In addition to installing the new roof, Mr. Bautista also sealed the seams on my 15 year old sun room roof and installed a Sola Tube sky light in the living room.  And at the completion of the job, he took extra care to make sure all the debris was cleaned up.
The December storms tested the new roof with nearly 9 inches of rain and some wind gusts up to 35 mph.  Not one drop got inside. I no longer look for damp spots or rain damage!  Mr. Bautista put my new roof on with skill and pride.  It is how he builds roofs.  I'm certain you will be very satisfied with the quality and care he would give to your new roof.

- J C., Santa Clara